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Your Tour Guide and Business Consultant in USA

Our company is located directly in the USA and we specialize in assisting Russian speaking individual and group travelers with all their US touring needs, like developing unique, personalized itineraries, booking flights, hotels, show and concert tickets, providing airport transfers, guided tours, and sightseeing excursions in every US city, National Park, or any other US attraction. Our tour guides are the most professional and experienced in the USA; they permanently reside here, know this country, its history, laws and customs from inside, and are ready to share with you their deep and vast knowledge of and passion for this great country.

Tours and Other Services in the USA

USA Travel is a versatile company providing a wide range of services to Russian speaking guests of the United States of America. Whatever the purpose of your visit - travel for pleasure to get acquainted with the country and sightseeing attractions, or business, vacation, wedding or honeymoon - we are sure we can help to make your stay in the US more enjoyable and efficient.

We work with both, individuals and groups; directly with clients and cooperate with multiple tour bureaus and travel agencies in Russia, USA as well as other countries.

US Tour itinerary Our travel and tour services include but not limited to conducting city tours and sightseeing excursions in major American cities, airport transfers, tours and expeditions to different attractions, National Parks, canyons, lakes, rivers, other points of attractions throughout the US territories. We devise tour plans and itineraries for non-standard and complex, multi-leg trips, book hotels, restaurants and flights, tickets for concerts and shows, arrange specialty and extreme tours.

We employ only the most knowledgeable, seasoned and experienced tour guides who are native Russian speakers, permanently live in the USA and are local the area of your interests.

Immigration to the USA

Immigration to USA

United States of America has been a magnet for people from around the globe. It's due to many factors such as high quality of life, unlimited opportunities in career, education, business, lifestyle, best in the world healthcare system, rich cultural life, as well as natural beauties – ocean shores, beaches, mountains, lakes, canyons, National Parks; convenient for living cities and suburbs.

Many people would love to stay in the US for good; some stay, but for some it remains just a dream. We can help you materialize your dream of living in the USA. We can help you with all visitor and immigration visas, obtaining legal residency status and eventually becoming a US citizen.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism, medical treatment in USA

It is well-known fact that United States has been the world leader in healthcare. US clinics and hospitals are equipped with the state of the art diagnostic tools staffed with the best-trained physicians and surgeons. We will arrange diagnostics and medical treatment in the best US hospitals and provide you with a companion-interpreter.

If you are thinking about plastic or cosmetic surgery in the United States please let us know, and we will make all necessary arrangements for you.

We can also arrange for a LASIK eye surgery in the US, or body rejuvenation treatment or any other medical treatment you might need.

Study in the US Universities

Study in USA universities

American universities being the best in the world attract thousands students from all the countries including Russia. What makes them so attractive? Well, first they have great professors and instructors; second, they have the most advanced lab equipment, classrooms and campuses; and last, but not least, they are prestigious and their diplomas are accepted and highly regarded in all countries.

Besides, many US universities provide student scholarships based on academic achievements even to foreign students. We will help you or your son or daughter to navigate through rather complex process of selecting the right university, application process, as well as moving and living arrangements.

Legal services and consultations in USA

Consulting with a lawer in USA

United States of America is a state governed by the rule of law, hence it is extremely important to have reliable legal support here.

Depending on your specific legal situation whatever it might be, we can help you find the best attorney in the United States who will vigorously represent your interests. Whether you need a lawyer to defend you in a lawsuit filed against you, or a lawyer who will represent you in a lawsuit filed by you against any legal or physical entity.

We can help if you need consultations on any legal issues from immigration to the USA, to conducting business in the USA, consultation on International law, civil law, criminal law, tax law or any other legal aspect of the law in the United States.

English-Russian and Russian-English Translation

English-Russian language translation

We will help you with all you translation and language interpretation needs, be it written English-Russian and Russian-English translations, consecutive or synchronous, simultaneous language interpretation at conferences or business meetings or medical or legal consultation.

In addition to language fluency, our technical translators and interpreters are being specialists, professionals in their respective fields, as technical interpretation requires comprehensive knowledge of the subject area.

Our certified Russian-English translators will translate, certify, and notarize your diplomas, contracts, manuals, articles or any other documents.

Investments in the United States

Investing in USA

We will assist you with all your investment needs in the United States. From investing in commercial and residential real estate properties in the US to investing in public companies, buying and selling stocks, stock options, currencies and mutual funds, to investing in privately held companies.

We will help you with opening checking, money market and saving accounts at US banks, as well investment and retirement accounts with mutual funds companies and US brokerage firms.

Buying real estate in USA, obtaining mortgage loans in the US banks

Buy a house in USA

If you are thinking of buying a home of your dream in the United States or commercial property, our real estate agents will do all the groundwork for you to find exactly what you want in the location of your choice anywhere in the continental USA, Hawaii or US Virgin Islands.

If you are still outside of the US, our real estate agents will provide visuals (photo pictures, videos) of potential properties until you are at such a comfort level so we can arrange your visit in person to make your final purchasing decision and complete the transaction.

Not only can we help finding a property to buy, we also facilitate obtaining mortgage loans in the US banks to finance your purchase. If you have real estate property in the USA for rent, but live outside the country, we offer real property management services acting as your agent on your behalf.

Business in the USA

Conducting business in USA, consulting

We represent Russian companies in the USA. We will connect your Russian business with American companies and businesses in the USA and serve as your trusted representative in dealing with US companies, representing and protecting your interests.

We help creating business partnerships between Russian and American businesses, legal and physical entities. We bridge your language barrier in dealing with American business people and American companies and organizations. We provide consultations on and cover all aspects of conducting business in the USA, from legal advice to communications, to signing contracts, to coordination and managing projects and joint ventures.

Buying cars in USA. Shipping from USA to Russia

Buy car in USA, ship car to Russia

Per your request, we can buy a car, yacht, boat, motorcycle, scientific, laboratory or technological equipment or other large and expensive items from the best US manufacturers or manufactures from any other country.

We will find and buy such items according to your wishes and specifications, ship from the USA and deliver to any city in Russia or any other country worldwide.

During the whole process of searching, negotiating, buying and shipping, we will act not just as a broker, but also as your trusted agent representing your interests in the USA.

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Tours in USA to any taste

Facts about USA

Trivia for visitors to the USA

There are 50 states in USA

But it may change soon to be 51 because US territory of Puerto Rico recently voted to become a state.

The USA has 715 cities

with population of more than 50,000 people.

The largest city in the US

is New York with its population of more than 8.2 million people.

New York has the least

number of cars per household. Only 72% of New Yorkers own an auto; in Manhattan, this number is even less - 40%. That means that 60% of New Yorkers living in Manhattan are car-less. Why bother!?